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Award winning show
"Jacques Baguette"

Jacques Baguette, the charming superstar of baker’s craft, is everybody’s darling.

His biggest fan’s dream comes true: to meet Jacques Baguette personally!

But he would never expect a meeting ending up like this…


"butterfly* - your dating back"

Gisela, 37, Berlin-Kreuzkölln. Loves drinks and party.

Manfred, 45, Berlin-Spandau. Loves quiet and cosy moments.

These characters give a totally new face to dating apps:

side by side – back to back.


The Superpowers of the so far
not-celebrated Super-Heroines

No, no, no, no! I am sorry, but I don't feel well today… I am a bit sad: Everything is colorless. Look at it, it's all grey. I don't like it one bit! I will tell you a secret: My dream is to wear a colorful glitter dress.


2018 edition of
Dresdener Musikfestspiele

Staatsoperette Dresden

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